2 comments on “Obama and the Stock Market

  1. For 7 years I’ve been listening to George Bush tout his leadership as growing the the economy. The Republicans had complete control over the Government for 6 years and until a couple of weeks ago said “our economy is sound”.
    They’ve been playing a shell game with our money, growing the government and spending our tax dollars like drunken sailors in hookertown.

    You actually want us to believe that more of the same is going to make things better? I’m not averse to risk, but that is not a risk I am stupid enough to gamble on.

  2. For the past 5 years McCain has been telling us the financial sector was in trouble calling for reviews and legislation. While he was doing that Chris Dodd was taking sweetheart mortgages from CountryWide, Barney Frank was rejecting all reforms bills that came through his committee having to do with reform, even saying the financial sector was in great shape and didn’t need to be looked at.

    During this time Obama kept voting “Present” to avoid all conflicts.

    I, too, have been listening to Bush and I’ve been very disappointed in him. I’ve said it before, I don’t think he ever found his Veto pen. That doesn’t mean McCain will be the same.

    Whatever the results, including one you touched on, whenever the same party controls Congress and the Presidency the economy slows. It’s historically true and accurate.

    I’d hate to ee our economy slow more, but if Obama is elected, it will.

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