7 comments on “Barack Hussein Obama and Kenya

  1. People like you are leading this country straight towards armageddon. We are on the verge of turning the tide and taking the power back from the corrupt politicians that have been killing innocents, scaring the public into giving them more power, looting the US treasury, and tearing up the Constitution in the name of “national security”. Thanks for helping them.

  2. LMAO!!! Obama just said he’d bomb Pakistan. Or did he say PAH-kee-stan?

    So who is this “we” you speak of? The left wing liberals that want to redistribute wealth, rape the military so they can’t protect us, enlarge goverment even more so than it already is, tax businesses so they can’t expand and hire, surrender, depend on alternative fuels only?


  3. I was called and went by the name Donny for much of my youth. When I was a teenager I preferred Don. As an adult I prefer to go by my given name, Donald. You apparently go by Ken and not Kenny (which you were probably called as a child). That is a choice to not use the diminutive form of a name. Why you have to imbue Barack Obama’s choice to use his GIVEN name with some subversive ulterior motive is truly beyond me. Application of Occam’s razor is sorely needed here.

    Near as I can tell, from the reports I have seen, Barack Obama was surrounded by lots of Kenyans on his trip to Kenya. Their religious affiliation was not so obvious. Since only 10% of Kenya is Muslim and 66% is Christian I’m not sure it qualifies as a Muslim country. They have a lot of pride in the fact the a son of one of their countrymen may become President of the United States. This is the same kind of pride that Ireland had when Catholic American John F. Kennedy became President. I’m sure there were some who feared the influence of the Irish and the Pope on the USA, but it was ridiculous then and it is ridiculous now.

    Both PA kih stan and PAH kih Stahn are accepted pronunciations for Pakistan.

    Feel free to continue to misrepresent the positions of “Left Wing Liberals” and the Obama candidacy. This is a free country after all, or at least it was eight years ago.

  4. You are correct, I went by Kenny as a child because my mom called me that.

    Occam’s razor? I don’t think so. Obama was very succinct in stating he went by Barry to fit in.
    Not because his mom called him that.

    Of course Obama was surrounded by Muslims. They love him in Indonesia where he went to school and learned the religion and their population is 88% Muslim.

    I did not state Obama was Muslim, but Obama stated he’s visited the 57 states.

  5. His mother and his grandparents all called him Barry. Of course he continued to go by Barry as a teenager to fit in. Teenagers, more often than not, try to fit in and not appear different from the other kids so that they can avoid getting picked on. When he was older and more self-assured he chose to go by his given name. Kids everywhere pick on the outliers in a group. Some kids never grow up. If you managed to get through your teen years without being attacked or abused for being different, congratulations. You are in the minority.

    Why are you talking about Indonesia? Your article was talking about Kenya. People of color around the world are enthused about the possibility of another person of color being President of the United States. Why is that so difficult to understand. Blacks in America are thrilled because they have always voted for whites for President (at least when we let them) and now they have an opportunity to vote for someone who shares their political beliefs AND looks like them.

    Barack Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim. If you tell me you are a Christian why should I not believe you. If you attend a Christian church for twenty years that either tells me you believe yourself to be a Christian or your are a masochist. This whole Obama is a Muslim thing is so ridiculous. Occam’s raszor, yet again.

    You did not explicitly say that he was a Muslim, but your insinuations are drawing arrows in that direction. In the context of where he mentioned 57 states it is easy to see he meant to say 47 states. Check snopes.com for an explanation that doesn’t require more conspiracy theories.

    If you want to attack mispoken words you might as well address John Sidney McCain’s recent reference to “my fellow prisoners.” Those of us in the reality-based world attribute that to someone who is tired from a long campaign. Others may find something more sinister. We report, you decide.

  6. I brought up Indonesia because you said Obama used “Barry” to fit in. Obama said he himself used “Barry” to fit in. However, I seriously doubt a “Barry” would fit in as well as “Barack” in a country 88% Muslim.

    You said, “If you tell me you are a Christian why should I not believe you.” Ok, that’s easy enough to go along with.

    I’ll even agree with this other statement of yours: “If you attend a Christian church for twenty years that either tells me you believe yourself to be a Christian or your are a masochist.”

    So what’s it mean if you claim to be a Christian that attends the same church for over 20 years, but then denounce your pastor and all he stands for after standing by is side nodding your head yes and saying Amen after all those services over all those years? What’s it mean when the pastor Obama called his mentor for 20 years is suddenly cast aside because his anti-American preaching became public knowledge outside of Chicago’s liberal machine?

    Wow, I just don’t know what I’d call it. 20 years and to denounce it all after one video was leaked to the public. I need some time on that one.

    The founders of Snopes and Google support Obama and there’s plenty out there on “Al’s-web” about it.

    You also said, “…now they have an opportunity to vote for someone who shares their political beliefs AND looks like them.” Umm, ok. I think you should read this:

    In it you’ll find this: “…an overwhelming (87 percent) majority of young blacks called family “extremely important.” Rated as No. 2 among values the young blacks believed Americans care about was “fair treatment for all” (86 percent); third was belief in God (85 percent); and fourth was “emphasis on self-reliance and taking responsibility for yourself” (84 percent). Indeed, young blacks were more likely to hold these values than young whites.”

    Those aren’t liberal beliefs, they’re conservative beliefs. It’s the welfare state they vote for.

    And as for that “looks like them” part, wow. You’re saying the black community is so shallow they’ll vote because of color only. Not policy, not experience, just black versus white.

    I’ve got more faith than that.

  7. Your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired. I specifically said “as a teenager” Barack Obama continued to use Barry to fit in. He left Indonesia at age ten (10).

    Having gone to a mainstream church where there was a contentious and sometimes controversial pastor I understand why people would continue to be members. It is for the church community itself. Faith is reflected in your interactions with other members of your church family and not just the minister. My 82-year-old mother belongs to a small Lutheran congregation in northern Wisconsin that annually sends a group of young people to Trinity Unitarian Church in Chicago to witness the great social works this church does for their community. For years she has raved about how these kids come back inspired to do good works in their own community. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there are over 8500 members in this congregation. Based on what I hear coming from many conservative churches (I have two cousins who are very conservative ministers) I think the adage about people in glass houses should be applied.

    Please don’t give me that crap about “family values”, etc. being conservative and not liberal values. These are human values and the fact is that just as many conservatives violate the Ten Commandments (whichever set of Ten you are following) as do Liberals. The two Christian values that seem to often be missing from Conservatives’ lives and actions are compassion and humility. Remember the Golden Rule.

    I can see that your worldview is not likely to be shaken by facts. I wish you well in your corner of the web. May you meet and speak with more people who are not like you and may you have the opportunity to travel to other countries and spend some time with their citizens. There are more things in heaven and earth, Ken, then are dreamed of in your philosophy.

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