4 comments on “Palin and the Heckler

  1. Yes, the media is biased. Talk radio is overwhelmingly conservative by some 80%, Fox News is overwhelmingly conservative, MSNBC is overwhelmingly liberal, CNN tilts slightly to the left and the major networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) are fairly middle of the road with a slight left lean.

    If you add up the combined total air time of radio and TV, I think you are going to come to the correct conclusion that the overall media in reality leans slightly to the right.

    Newspapers: If you believe rumors, they act like the New York Times is the only paper in existence. The hundreds of small local and regional newspapers that lean to the right are never mentioned. Let’s go right to the heartland…the Kansas City Star is by no stretch of the imagination a liberal newspaper.

  2. The problem with the NY Times liberalism is that it’s the Paper of Record.

    Liberals tried to crack the radio waves with Air America, but the market place decided that outcome. I imagine the liberals will be sure to reintroduce the Fairness Doctrine to force something on the market place, and the American public, it clearly doesn’t want.

  3. I haven’t seen this video before so thanks for showing it. I don’t believe many liberal news stations will use it.

    Too bad people are closed to the truth and open to any left-wing doctrien that surfaces.

  4. “Too bad people are closed to the truth and open to any left-wing doctrien that surfaces.”

    Yes too bad people are closed to the truth that they had to lean either to the left or right. Both parties are wrong and we all know it. Dr. Paul was the only true statesman that have come closest to the real change for the nation. Unfortunately he’s not running anymore, to which I have come to the conclusion, should we support the liar or the liar? You know McCain is doing it for financial gain like a good veteran politician. I haven’t figured Obama’s purpose though other than acting as a puppet of the system, being lucked out, ridiculed for his name and Muslim affiliation.

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