3 comments on “Obama The O-man

  1. I agree with much of this. Obama is a demagogue, filled with empty rhetoric and generic catch words (change, hope) with play to the emotion of voters but offer little in the way of rational, reasoned explanation.

    I personally think that much of the driving force behind the liberal ideology is not even a compassion for their candidate as much as it is a hatred of Bush. Hence, rather than delve into how it is that Obama might have something to say, they choose instead to rehash their old “four more years of the same” mantra.

    Twenty-three days…vote McCain!

  2. Good blog. He has one great talent and that’s reading a teleprompter. I saw on another blog a phrase and I think is accurate; “Obamagedden.” (Obama/Biden/Pelosi/Reed/Dodd all in charge of our country).

    Are people blind, just dumb, or do they just not care anymore?

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