4 comments on “Barack Obama’s Aunt Zeituni Found in Slums

  1. Did you notice how many white people that were in Obamas Infomercial. Who rounded up the players for this soap opera . Instead of a bunch of wealthy individuals where was the poor he wants to give our hard earned money to . Where is the underclass he keeps preachingabout. The difference between Bill Cliton and Obama is Bill C was a Governor and had the experience to run a state. Obama has not kelp his word to the people that voted him in to his seat. How can you trust the word of a who hasn’t gotten the job done he has. The big picture he is not ready . He says he will change the country but in the real world it is us who will change it. You dont have to give big brother the right to rule your life. We control congress with the voice we give them . We need less federal spending and less taxes. Not more big government and less in our pockets. We need a strong military leader not a cut and run guy. WAKE UP DONT BE SHEEP.

  2. Those who think that George W. Bush has been a great president object to the way that the so-called Republican John McCain has treated George W. Bush, a great president, a true conservative, and a great man.

    In this interview with the Washington Times, a conservative newspaper, McCain treats Bush worse than Obama has. See http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/oct/23/mccain-lambastes-bush-years/

    In this article, McCain says this of Bush:

    “Sen. John McCain on Wednesday blasted President Bush for building a mountain of debt for future generations, failing to pay for expanding Medicare and abusing executive powers, leveling his strongest criticism to date of an administration whose unpopularity may be dragging the Republican Party to the brink of a massive electoral defeat.

    “We just let things get completely out of hand,” he said of his own party’s rule in the past eight years.

    And he said:

    “In addition to the long list of failures he attributed to Mr. Bush, Mr. McCain blamed the president for supporting the Medicare prescription-drug bill, saying, “They didn’t pay for it.”

    “They put a trillion-dollar debt on future generations of Americans, then allowed the liberals to expand it so they’re paying my — they’re paying for my prescription drugs. Why should the taxpayers pay for my prescription drugs?” he said with exasperation.

    He rejected Mr. Bush’s use of issuing “signing statements” when he signs bills into law, in which the president has suggested that he would ignore elements of the bills, labeling them potentially unconstitutional.

    “I would veto the bills or say, ‘Look, I don’t like it but I’ll obey the law that’s passed by Congress and signed by the president.’ I think the signing statements was not a correct implementation of the power of the executive. I think it was overstepping,” he said.

    And Mr. McCain emphatically rejected Mr. Bush’s claims of executive privilege, often used to shield the White House from scrutiny.”

    WE who believe that all these things were good and that Bush has the right under the constitution to executive privilege object to McCain’s treatment of a good and noble president.

    If Obama had said this, we conservatives would rally to Bush’s support. But now that McCain has said it we have to keep quiet. We have to pretend that the policies and leaders of the last eight years were terrible, when they have been wonderful.

    McCain has undermined everything we stand for. How can we vote for him? Of course, we should not vote for Obama. But why should we vote for McCain? He has no principles. He’s not a Republican.

  3. Well there’s no way in hell I’m voting for the most liberal member of Congress.

    I’d rather crawl through glass then vote for Obama.

    Nice comment, btw.

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