6 comments on “Obama Says You’re Selfish

  1. Is it socialism when McCain takes middle-class income tax dollars and give his wife a $360,000 a year tax break? How about the billions of dollars in tax breaks given to big oil when they are pulling in record profits? Is that socialism? Our tax dollars funds that plan. I guess we have two candidates who are socialists. The question is who will provide real change for our Nation. The answer is Barack Obama.

  2. ournationfirst, John McCain is not taking from the wealthy and giving to the poor. He’s not taking from the upper middle class and giving to the poor.

    Obama wants to directly take money from one group of Americans and give it as handouts to another group.

    That’s vastly different from tax breaks. You cannot logically make that connection. No one can.

  3. When McCain’s plan is putting the tax burden on most Americans while giving giant tax breaks to his wife, his friends, and Big Oil. That’s giving them a handout. They benefit greatly from Our nation and should pay their fair share. He should just take care of what Pres. Bush calls his base- The Haves and The Have Mores. This is about our Country and not Mr. McCain’s pals. Those policies have gotten us into the biggest financial mess in our history – except for the depression. Let’s face it. McCain’s plans are not doing the NASCAR loyal any favors. Obama is the only chance for a better future. McCain’s ideas have proven faulty and wrong. That’s a fact!!!

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