3 comments on “Gay Pledge Cards for Kindergartners

  1. I don’t see why attempting to tackle bullying is in any way a bad idea. I find it frustrating how people become scared of these things, usually because they feel that the children will become gay themselves. News flash – you can’t “become” gay.

  2. You’re right coffeeguy. We, as a village, should do what we can to stop the kindergarteners from bullying all people that are different. We shouldn’t single out the gay kindergartners because that makes them different. It makes them special.

    The pledge should have included your normal garden variety homosexuals, pre- and post-op queers, mentally handicapped, physically challenged, returning service men and women who’ve been injured fighting for our rights, learning disabled, down, stupid people, etc.

    No one group should be held up as a standard bearer in the fight against the kindergarten bullying elite.


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