9 comments on “Radio Talk Show Host Calls For Joe the Plumber’s Death

  1. What, my I ask, is the relevance that he is a gay activist? I am completely with you on the foul language but why do you feel it is necessary to note his sexuality?

  2. coffeemadman:

    You made his gayness an issue, not me. You didn’t mention me calling Karel a writer for Huffington so I suppose that part didn’t offend you.

    I’m sorry if your sensitivites were harmed. Next time I’ll say, “Karel writes for the Huffington Post and is a liberal homosexual activist.”

    Thanks for the help.

  3. As a writer, the newspaper he reports for would be a good indication as to his political views, thus being relevant to the issue. His sexuality is not.

  4. I provided background and you made an issue out of it.

    You said the paper he writes for is a good indication of his political views. Liberal papers will occasionally have a token conservative writer.

    However, using your logic his sexuality is also a good indicator of his political views. Gay conservatives are far fewer than gay liberals.

    I guess I probably shouldn’t have used that picture either, it has a flaming apple logo on it.

  5. “I guess I probably shouldn’t have used that picture either, it has a flaming apple logo on it.”


  6. Being a longtime Karel listener at KGO, he makes his sexuality an issue of discussion on his show quite a bit–the politics of it, anyway. I’d say he’s quite a gay activist. Also an animal and human rights activist, among his liberal political views.

  7. I just learned of Karel being fired last night while listening to Cristine Kraft’s show. I was floored!
    My first thought – “…something stupid must have happened.”
    I can’t believe someone as real and on the money with his views, speaking from the heart, and over-all a GREAT voice for Homosexuals in a way that speaks to the everyday delemmas we face, would be fired for a “good” reason.
    Not only does Karel stand up for folks like me, but he taught me and gave me food for thought on political subjects and other topics in a perspective I never considered before. Karel always got my mind running and I consider this a personal loss for me as I will not have the benefit of his show on KGO any longer.

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