10 comments on “Combating Obama’s Wealth Redistribution Plan

  1. Wow, you complain about blind liberals and all I’ve seen you do in this blog is spout off nonsense party lines that could be taken word for word from FOX News. It seems to me, good sir, that you are a blind conservative.

    Not that I support Obama, I don’t. It should be clear to any reasonable human being that capitalism and representative democracy are boring as fuck, exploitative and do nothing but make the rich richer and the poor more desperate. But, come-the-fuck-on, you just sound ridiculous. Obama isn’t a socialist. He and his supporters wish he was a socialist, but the liberals in this country don’t have the balls to go that far left. Apparently you bought into the Hannity/Limbaugh/O’Reilly scare tactic of telling you “be scared! he big black communist! he take you money! he hurt you family!” You poor soul.

    Don’t worry, Obama’s shilling for the same guys that your presidents have always been shilling for. There’s nothing to fear. My advise: go back to bed with your guns, your bible and your money (while you still have it) and wait until you see that you’ve been getting royally fucked by both the right and the left in this country for your entire life.

  2. You have a potty mouth. I hope you don’t kiss your SO with it.

    Obama’s party bosses should reign him in, but his plan for the redistribution of wealth is Socialist.

    Will it happen the way he, Reid and Pelosi promised? I doubt it, but that’s what he promised.

    A friend reminded me today that the people who are going to be most upset are the ones Obama fooled into voting for him. The ones he promised the world, but can’t deliver.

    What strikes me most about your comments is you didn’t notice the sarcasm in my post.

    You need to work on that, and your potty mouth.

  3. The classical redistribution exercise scenario will be that your and my money will be collected by Obambie’s bureaucrats and will not necessarily end up in Jennifer’s the waitress paycheck. Actually by the time the redistribution train will leave the DC station the diner will probably close down anyway…You will find out that your money will end up where it always been In one of the Acorn accounts. Get ready for for 2012.

  4. Ken,

    I hardly know where to start.

    First off, of course they’ll be disappointed. Everyone will be disappointed. Everyone always has been disappointed. No matter who you vote for, they promise incredibly absurd things that there’s absolutely no way they can deliver. You say you voted for McCain, well I can assure you that had he been elected, he would have ignored some of the promises he made to all you Joe Six-packs out there. This may come as a shock to you, but the people who run for office in this country don’t care about you. They care about themselves, their career and their financial interests. Whatever they have to say to get your vote, they’ll say it. Promises be damned.

    Second of all, I doubt you know the meaning of the word socialism past how you’ve heard it used by Sean Hannity. Socialism isn’t just taking money from the wealthy and distributing it among the poor, as you so succinctly and astutely put it. Socialism is a collective ownership of the means of production via the state. Because all citizens technically own the industrial resources, they reap the profits of the industry. It’s a lot more complex than you made it seem in your argument for Mr. Obama being a gosh-darn commie.

    The third item I’d like to address is sarcasm. Sarcasm is usually funny and a form of humor almost exclusively detected by those who are quick of wit. I’m pretty good with sarcasm. Maybe it’s my acerbic wit, perhaps its even my flawless logic. Who knows. But I think your brand of “sarcasm” may have gone right over my head. Since we’re playing the “find the sarcasm” game, see if you can detect mine (here’s a hint: it’s where I called your argument succinct and referred to you as astute.)

    And Finally….potty mouth? Really? Are you five? When you’re talking to the grownups, try and use your big-boy voice, Ken.

    Sincerely yours,
    The Ungovernable

  5. Milan, you’re right, but if the money doesn’t get to ACORN, it’ll get spent somewhere else.

    My Dear Friend Ungovern,

    ROTFLMFAO!!! You’re hilarious. You said “gosh-darn commie”! Talk about using “your big boy voice”! Man, that’s ripe!

    You said, “I can assure you that had he (McCain) been elected, he would have ignored some of the promises he made to all you Joe Six-packs out there.” Of course that’s true, but what I believe in is closer to what McCain says and nowhere near what Obama says. By voting for McCain I at least have a chance of getting some things I believe in done. Obama is 180* away from me.

    I know what Socialism is, the problem is the meaning has been corrupted by “my side” and the media. It’s easier to use that term because people have an easier undertanding of what I mean, versus it’s true meaning.

    The bank bailout, and more accurately, any possible auto manufacturer bailouts with ownership is more like Socialism and not something I’m a fan of.

    As for the sarcasm, please see my first paragraph to you in this reply. You’re quite amusing.

    Very Truly Yours

  6. Ken,

    I was just trying to sound a little bit more like Failin’ Palin’ in an attempt to soften the blow for you, thus the “gosh-darn commie” line. I know you’re a man who relishes a good clean mouth and was doing my best to not offend your delicate sensibilities.

    And you were willing to vote for McCain even though he voted for the socialist bailout? Talk about compromising your ideals in an attempt to squeeze into the two party mold into which your government has forced you.

    You seem like an educated man, Ken, so lets talk. I would say that the bank bailout really tends more towards fascism than socialism. See, fascism revolves around a strong centralized, highly corporatized government that controls the banks and major industries while pushing it’s people towards an extreme sense of nationalism characterized by xenophobia, heightened national security and overall fear. This is exactly the path that our country has been on for quite some time, as far as I can tell. Care to comment?

  7. “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State”.

    I don’t think so. We don’t exist for the state.

    Have you been reading too much Bill Moyers?

  8. Well, I understand the point.

    It is the difference between right and left fiscally. The left believe that it is the governments job to distribute to the unfortunate and the right believe it is their right to distribute how they see fit ~ via charity/tips etc.

    The more the government has a hold on your “expendable income” the less you do. Therefore, even if Jennifer the waitress was the best waitress you ever had, you may not have the funds in your budget to give to her what you deem fit. And the government may not deem her fit for what she needs, poor Jen.

    Or you may not have the funds to go out to eat at all or indulge in other such service oriented jobs because the government does not see restaurant visits as a needed expense, therefore, the economic scare that Limbaugh/O’Reilly/Hannity may refer to would be underway. The majority of working Americans with expendable income will be strapped and not spending money, not spinning the wheel so to speak.

    Spreading the wealth and everyone working hard is a great concept, but very niave. Interesting how this will pan out.

  9. Bill Moyers? Give me a break. He believes in the idea of having a state. I’m an anarchist. I believe in people governing themselves.

    Did you just assume that I was another American “leftist?” The Democrats are just as bad as the republicans, libertarians, socialists and communists. They’re missing the point. We don’t need a centralized government authority to answer to. Maybe you should take the time to read my blog, Ken. Then maybe you wouldn’t make asinine assumptions.

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