7 comments on “John Mayer Hot for Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly

  1. Kelly would be “hot”, I suppose, if she wasn’t one of the Fox Liars. She is just like all the people there. They spew hate, lies, and distortions.

  2. As far as Ken’s comment about Megyn’s skirts getting shorter. The shorter the better. Why cover up those gorgeous legs. There’s a few other parts of Megyn’s anatomy that need very little covering up also. She’s a very beautiful lady.
    Now for John Mayer’s song for Megyn. He’s got great taste in women. Megyn and Jennifer Aniston. That sure is a dynamic duo in my book. Jessica Simpson isn’t a bad throw-in herself.
    Of the three of them Megyn’s number one in my book and that’s saying a lot because I’ve always adored Jennifer Aniston.

  3. Flander, you’re a dope. I’m sick and tired of listening to the whiners who are so used to living off the forced fed watered down network news and can’t deal with real journalism. Let me guess…you watch MSNBC? The time has come for the biased in the tank lefty news organizations. Don’t think for a minute it’s untrue. Look at FoxNews ratings.

    But hey, at least you seem transparent enough to be intimidated by Kelly’s “hotness” and intelligence.

  4. Flander, the age-old liberal “FOX spews lies, hate, ………” is so….well…..typical of weak minded liberal propaganda. Liberals just like to call names like a 6 year old with no basis for doing so. You people (Dem politicians too) are so transparent. Why don’t you actually listen to Rush, Levin or Glenn Beck for 2 weeks, you will find that you have been brainwashed by the liberals and the media. For and easy read, buy Neal Boortz “The Terrible Truth About Liberals” it is a short book, very concise. It summarizes all you need to know. I have converted many from the dark side with it.

  5. Well you must think by yourself about 15 years she don”t wear shorter skirts, the only on that momment counts “a true heart”!

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