5 comments on “Salty Dog Restaurant in Virginia Beach

  1. I went to the salty dog and it takes forever to be greeted in the dining room. The food was cold and in the bar, they only have 1 bartender at all times…

  2. The Salty Dog experience: (The one on Shore Drive Virginia Beach near Lesner Bridge) I went with family and friends tonight (Jan 2, 2009) for the first time. It has been open about a month or month and a half. It was outstanding!! The food was out of this world! The Seafood Salad is incredible! The Garlic Clams were the best I’ve had and I’ll be going back for more soon! The meals were all very good and I can’t wait to try more. They have a lot of items on the menu and all look good and are reasonably priced. The waitress was cute and helpful and patient. I’d ride a hundred miles for some more of those garlic clams!!! Luckily I work down the street – so I’ll be stopping in regualrly.

    Great place and highly recommended.

  3. We read about this place in the newspaper and decided to check it out last night. It was out of this world! First, the service was perfect. We have a 14 month old and the waitress was helping entertain her while we ate! She was polite and attentive, but not overly. The food was just wonderful. The broiled seafood platter I ordered was a generous portion of tilapia, shrimp, scallops, and a lump crabcake for $18.99. There was NO filler in the crab cake. It came with hushpuppies (also delicious) and a side (I got the brocolli, despite the fried macaroni and cheese temptation). My husband got wings, a salad that was much larger then he expected, and a Philly Steak Sandwich & fries that were all yummy. Go check this place outI!!

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