5 comments on “How to Make Real BBQ

  1. Nice job. My brother-in-law just served me “pulled pork”. I guess if you’re from Pittsburgh that means a pork loin roast cooked in a crock pot all day.

    I’ll take your version of BBQ any day!


  2. Thank you, sir. Nice site you have at grillandbarrel.com

    I’ve got about 6 bags left vac sealed in the freezer.

    I have a relative that would boil his ribs before grilling them. Freaking nasty!

  3. pittsburgh, you’re right 100%. It’s been nearly a year and my technique has changed and improved. Using real wood isn’t practicle for me in my backyard so I use Royal Oak lump as my preferred coal with hickory and apple wood chunks.

    I look forward to getting a nice large offset in the future so I can use “real wood” for some cooks. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I totally agree with getting your butts at BJ’s…They are a better quality, better price and 2 come to a package. I actually use an electric smoker (Brinkman) with hickory chunks, works great, keeps it a constant 240 at the racks. It also has a water pan that I keep full of Cider Vinegar. Also I use a mop of Cider Vinegar and a few Thai Chili’s, also a good rub that I got from a BBQ team at a KCBS event ( I am a certified KCBS Judge) 15 hours and a case of beer later…great pulled pork.

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