9 comments on “A Review Of Kingsford Charcoal

  1. I have always used Kingsford. Never have a problem starting it in the Weber performer, hit the igniter and smile! As long as its kept dry, a chore in this area,. A tip I’d like to pass along; when using the chimney starter, I use “Landsman Fire Starter”, no residue or smell on your coals. I use them in my Smoky Joe, a really quick start.

  2. Thanks Paul. I use the chimney starter with the performer because I move the coals to the left side of the kettle and they all light uniformely faster. It’s also easy to move the lit coals to the smoker.

  3. Thanks yojoe, but I don’t care for Cowboy. Too much sparking and I found left over pieces of hardwood flooring in a bag. I’ve also read about other people finding stuff.

    I just used Royal Oak for the last couple of cooks and I like it. The only problem is you have to go to Walmart to get it.

  4. Ken,

    I have used Kingsford briquets several times each week over the last several decades. I.ve been pleased with its performance. I purchase large double bags either from Home Depot or from Costco. For flavor, I generally add one of several wet wooden chips.
    However, not I did not realize that a new bag also contained reformulated briquets. I had been using. Frankly, I did not realize the new Competition Briquets I bought would have a number of problems. It gives off a lot of continuous black smoke which is unwelcome in my town and possibly illegal in the near future. Also, it burns up faster than the traditional product and it adds a new and unwanted flavor to our food. If I cannot find the regular product in stores, regretfully I will have to find a suitable replacement. Sy Corenson

  5. Thanks for the comments, Sy. I haven’t tried the new Competition Briquets yet. I have quite a supply of regular Kingsford piled high from the Memorial Day sales! It’s hard to pass up $8 for the twin packs.

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