5 comments on “Tools For The BBQ and Grill

  1. Ken,
    For the light, I’ve been using one from”BBQ grillware”. 6 LED’s, a long snake neck, very flexible and the base, 2 very strong magnets, one end is a screw clamp. Well designed, very bright, I even use it indoors as a task/work light. Very durable, it’s been left to the elements for about 2 years now. This will probably be it’s last year, but I will buy another.
    Lowes has it.

  2. Hey, what a really great list of resources! A couple in there I hadn’d seen before, so this has been really informative for me.

    I especially like the candy thermometer – very ingenious!

  3. I recommend adding ice cooler and cold beer to the list. 😉

    On the serious side, I recommend adding sunscreen to the list. Sun exposure can cause a lot of damage over time.

    Other noteables
    aluminum foil
    small shovel
    cutting board

  4. Not sure how I left the beer off the list!

    Aluminum foil, wow! I plow through that stuff. Should always have plenty of that around.

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