2 comments on “How Barack Obama Got Elected

  1. Maybe some of these comments from fellow conservatives will help soothe you:


    “He doesn’t seem or want to be limited by cultural constrictions of the past.” “He’s reaching out to conservatives.” “He was raised in the time of Reagan after all the divisiveness of the late sixties.” Peggy Noonan, Reagan speech writer.

    “I’ve never seen so much good will for a new president”, Pat Buchanan.

    “It doesn’t make any sense to be sitting at home gnashing your teeth at an important time like this when we should all be pulling together like we did after 911,” Joe Scarborough.

    “Barack Obama is doing all the right things”, Peter King, Rep.(R) New York

    Liberals are not looking at this as “payback time” but a time to move on past the divisions of the past.

    I hope you, my conservative Republican friends can embrace this wonderful spirit and be happy and hopeful for a new direction.

  2. Of course many conservatives are saying things like that. Just look at what Obama is doing.

    He’s adopted Bush’s plan for Iraq, he’s keeping Bush’s tax cuts intact, he’s not raising taxes on the “wealthy”, he’s going to shore up the military in Afganistan, he’s rolled back the $3000 tax credit to people that don’t even work to zero. Heck, since he was elected and actually got educated on the way things really are, he’s been co-opting the Republican’s ideas across the board.

    Just two days ago Obama admitted he wouldn’t be able to get all the things done he’d promised. And don’t forget the looks on people’s faces in Grant Park when he said they’ll have to work hard. They’ll have to sacrifice. The looks were hilarious in their stunned eyes. They’re not done working, they’ll have to sacrifice. Priceless.

    I’m soothed. Liberals should be outraged.

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