9 comments on “How to Install a Ritetemp Thermostat

  1. The company does not seem to stand behind their customer support number nor their customer service emails. I’ve left countless phone messages and customer support requests and have not heard Boo. I would not recommend them to anyone as they don’t seem to stand behind their product.

    Pretty disappointed,

  2. i have called three times and gotten no response.
    i cannot hook up for heat or air – right now, i live in
    florida and the weather is in the 30th – this was a bad buy and i will tell anyone who needs a thermostat not to use ritetemp – the support system is terrible. I am going to try one more time and if i cannot get thru, i will post it on the internet so that other people will not be struck w/ a worstless thermostat.

    Edit: phone number removed

  3. well after a satisfied years (installed 8085C nov 06) it partly died due to static electricity hit by touching
    after a few calls ..web side nunber ..call centre says these are made for Home Depot brand…. “no canadian service suggest u call home depot to find out more”?????
    called Home Depot canada number got a verrry helpfull person and basicly confirmed was\may\used to be a branded product an possibly may be serviced by some local service compamy go to local outlet see what they may know but yes i dont see any ritetemp ones on our pages ..so possibly not carried anymore…. well it was a good one compared to others as far as programing ..but this is not good… YET WEB PAGE AN CALL CENTRE STILL THERE??!! SO IS KINDA MISSREPRESENTED YES?
    JUST MY NOTES FOR NOW but my compliments to the HomeDepot Canadian call centre employeee for assistance

  4. I installed one (6080) today without too many problems. 4-Wire heat/cool. A 5th wire was not connected and may be the “C” common wire for the remote control/battery saver.

    The test showed the fan and cool worked but not the heat. I sent an email to the email address and it bounced back (5.1.1 recipient invalid domain).

    I tried using the reset button and that fixed the heat issue.

    The device seems pretty cool with the touch-screen, back-light and remote control. Hopefully it will be a good purchase and I won’t need any support.


  5. I have model 6025. After programing it will not change to a new temp. I have to override to change the temp. What can I do to correct the thermostat or is it broken?

  6. The best way to install one of these involves a trash can. The touchscreen on mine went out after a year conveniently right before I was to go out of town for a week. I could change the time earlier but not later, couldn’t change the morning/day/evening/night, and couldn’t change the day of week. I tried resetting and replacing batteries. Worse now, I have a big hole in my wall that is going to be in the way when I buy a replacement.

    Darn shame, too, it looks really cool in the wall like that. It goes well with my 1-year-old house.

  7. Got ours from Home Depot… Trash-it, the touch screen should read use hammer to adjust.
    Other than that it’s really just wall decor, jumper to 110 volt circut and watch it fry.
    Never again, could be just another Home Depot knock off, so knock it off the wall and get one that works.

  8. Own a 8085c. Paid over $100 at home depot. Temp down button on touch screen quit after 1.5 yrs.5 yr warranty and rite temp and home depot wont honor it. Probably why home depot quit carrying them. Wont shop there again or purchase rite temp products. JUNK.

    Just to note, the 3M thermostats at home depot are made by ritetemp. Stay away.

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