7 comments on “Obama Adopts Republican Stance on Taxes

  1. Actually, he’s taking the classic Keynesian position for this kind of situation: in times of recession, cut taxes to the middle classes and spend lots of government money.

    In other words, the classic liberal tactic which actually works.

  2. Uh, something you’re not getting is that the tax cut he’s giving is to the middle and lower classes. Not to the upper classes which is the republican fashion. Give the rich back all their money and let them slink away without paying their fair share of taxes is the Republican way. Now look at the tax cuts that Obama is going to allow to expire. Uh oh, poor Republican talking heads. Tax cuts for the rich are going bye-bye.

    Wake up. I’m guessing you’re not a rich man at all. Why do you continue to support the party that’s only dream is to strengthen the rich and step of over poor, working class families. Socialism isn’t the answer.

    Have you looked at percentage rates for taxes. The majority of the rich make their money on interest, and stocks. They only pay 15-18%, and only if they make more then a certain amount. Now you and I, for example, who work everyday for our bread and butter, we get taxed about 30% of our wages. Does that seem right to you, because that’s what you support by supporting Republicans? And your beloved Bush CUT taxes further for the upper upper class; he also cut the estate tax, which only effected 2% of the US population.

    The tax cut doesn’t give us much, but the expiration of the Bush tax cuts will give us a lot. And that “us” is the American people who will benefit from government funding for necessary developments.

  3. Cutting taxes on the the middle and lower classes won’t spur the economy. They won’t do anything with it. They don’t employ anyone, they don’t produce anything.

    When Obama starts in with his social agenda, I’ll remember what you wrote, “Socialism isn’t the answer.”

    For the record, I’ve been blessed that at 41 I don’t work. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Of course they’ll spur the economy – the middle and lower classes tend to spend up to or close to the limits of their incomes. Spending spurs the economy.

    And socialism? Puh-lease. Obama doesn’t advocate socialism or anything close to it; when he starts clamouring for the workers not to be separated from the means of production, you might start having a point there, but social programmes do not equate to socialism.

  5. Well put, Mike.

    Ken, I guess I understand why you’re Republican.

    You’ve been blessed? I guess you’re Christian. Read your bible more: Matthew 19:24 “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into the kingdom of God.”

  6. Your claims about Reagan and tax revenues are, of course, misleading at best. Here are actual per capita tax revenue increases over business cycles since the seventies:

    1973-1979: 2.7%
    1979-1990: 1.8%
    1990-2000: 3.2%
    2000-2007 (probable peak): approximately zero

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