5 comments on “How to Clean a Charcoal Grill

  1. One additional trick: Put a piece of heavy duty foil over the grate. It concentrates the heat wonderfully and makes the process easier, faster and uses less charcoal. Google “german grill” to see more.

  2. #
    Use nonstick cooking spray on the grates before cooking to help the grates to stay clean. Do not spray cooking spray over an open flame, though, as it could flare and cause a serious fire.
    Do not put your old ash and charcoal in a garden or compost heap. The chemicals in the charcoal can be damaging to plants.

  3. Hi

    Must ask, will not the cheramic surface inside the charcoal grill take damage?

    How much heat can the surface take on a weber grill?

    A couple of days ago I used “normal coal” instead of for example webers briqutes. Many of the coal pices were quite small so they fell down to the bottom and burned with a very high temperature since they were very near the vents. I was afraid to damage the surface on the grill in the bottom because of that so now I´ve used a “chicken fence” on the briqute bars when using coal instead of briqutes. To prevent coal from falling down to the wents.

    Maybee I do not have to worry about this? Is the cheramic baked on coating really so superstrong on a weber grill?

    Sorry for the spelling but I´m swedish and real tired for the moment.


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