3 comments on “2009 NASCAR Attendance

  1. It’s amazing how adept ABC is at keeping view of the stands to a minimum. It scares me for Nascar at how few people are there tonight. There are tens of thousands of empty seats.

  2. NASCAR continues to bury its head in the sand and acknowledge the real problem is NASCAR. High ticket, prices, boring races, boring drivers. Race start times that favor TV fans rather than spectators. Requiring fans to purchase bundles(cup and busch races). Cramped stands. Tight restrictions on cooler sizes, then not enough concession stands, or bathrooms meaning you spend half the race in line rather than watching the race. NASCARS down fall is the greed of the owners and they are too stupid to see it.

  3. I have followed N ASCAR for years. Only recently I find myself “fast forwarding” to watch the remaining few (boring” laps. Seems as if the COT has mandated what we now see as a non-competitive sport. The “chase” is a joke but then what would the announcers have to talk about if not for this one final element.

    I will continue to attend such events at my local short tracks but have had it with the non-competitve of our current NASCAR.

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