2 comments on “Black Panthers and Mel Gibson

  1. SO WHAT WITH MEL….Private conversation…Have you never said racist things in the privacy of your home or car, etc.? He was set up by a gold digging, baby mamma who saw dollar signs for the next 18 years for her kid……HOW ABOUT RIPPING INTO HOLDER AND THE BAMA ON FREEING THE BLACK PANTHERS WHO WANT TO KILL MEL’S AND OTHER CRACKER, WHITE BABIES AND WHO WERE LET GO ON FED CHARGES…intimidating voters???? Which is more news worthy….BIG DEAL ABOUT MEL….PANTHERS WHO RANT AND RAVE ABOUT KILLING WHITEY….AND THEIR BABIES…THEY “HATE WHITE PEOPLE”….WORKS TWO WAYS AS LONG AS THEY –OUR SOCIALIST ADMIN…GOES IN THIS DIRECTION…priorities!

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